Can these templates be used for PCB wipe sampling?

Yes, the EPA recommends that for PCB testing on non-porous surface samples, a standard wipe test, as specified in 40 CFR 761.123, uses a 10 cm by 10 cm (or equivalent that equals 100 cm2) template to outline the sample area and a gauze pad or glass wool that has been saturated with hexane to collect the sample.

what material is C1010 made of? Is it autoclavable?

This dust sampling template is made of paper. It is a disposable template designed for single use and then discarded.

Do you sell 10X10 cm reusable plastic template? Thank you!

We do not sell reusable plastic templates. We sell the disposable templates in an effort to eliminate the possibility of contaminant transfer between sampling areas.

Is C1010 special paper in regard to paper characteristics i.e acid free or 100% cotton?.

This template is not made from any specialty grade paper.

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