What is the composition of the Ghost Wipes used for Lead Analysis?

GhostWipes are made of polyvinylalcohol.

What material are ghost wipes made out of?

GhostWipes are made of polyvinylalcohol.

what is shipping dimension & weight for 1 pk of 500 ghost wipes?

This will ship in a 15x11x8\" (or similar) box and has a shipping weight of approximately 6-7 lbs.

Do these have an expiration on them?

Yes, GhostWipes do have an expiration date. The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packaging. It is embossed on the edge of each individual packet of GhostWipe. You may need to use a pencil to color the embossing to make the date more visible.

What is the shelf life of a indiviually sealed wipe?

The wipes have a shelf life of 3 years. We do not ship anything with less than 1 year remaining to its expiration date.

What is the background level of metals on ghost wipes, particularly Pb, Li and F?

We do not test the GhostWipes for any elements outside of Pb and Be. These metals will be below the detection limits required in ASTM E1792 and ASTM D7707. If you need to know the background levels of other elements you will need to perform a baseline test on a per lot basis.

Is this producted tested and guaranteed to contain Pb, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Cu, Se, Zn and As below a certain concentration? Thanks

We perform testing on the GhostWipe for Pb and Be only according to ASTM methodologies. The background levels are etals. To determine the appropriate background levels you would need to test a statistically significant number of blank wipes. The average and standard deviation of those results will allow you to determine the suitability of the wipe for your purposes. Those results will be valid for that lot of wipes only.

What is the standard digestion method for lead dust?

The test method you should use depends entirely on the scope of the analysis. If the analysis is for a regulatory purpose you should consult with that specific agency to determine what method they require. If this is for research type purposes there are a few different methods that can be used. The EPA suggests using methods out of SW-846 for digestion of solid samples, such as Method 3050B or Method 3051A. There is also an ASTM method designed specifically for this purpose - E1644 Practice for Hot Plate Digestion of Dust Wipe Samples for the Determination of Lead.

I still have the Ghost Wipe Cat#SC4210 bought April9,2009, which is expired already on Oct2012. Will it still be ok to use now? will the results still valid?

When using products for compliance with regulated methods all expiration dates must be observed to ensure valid results. The GhostWipe is moistened with reagent water to aid in picking up dust particles from the surface(s) of interest. The expiration date given is the length of time we know that the packaging will retain the required amount of moisture and the wipe will retain its needed durability to withstand the wiping process.

Can you use ghost wipes for mercury?

While the mechanism of the Ghost Wipe is suitable for sampling many different surface contaminants, the Ghost Wipes were developed specifically for the sampling of lead and beryllium. We only certify the background levels of these two metals for each lot. To determine the suitability of the Ghost Wipe for an analyte other than the two certified you would need to conduct your own testing per lot for background levels.

Can your Ghost Wipe sample be for mercury?

We do not certify the Ghost Wipes for any metals other than Lead and Beryllium. In order to determine the appropriateness for any other metal, you would need to do your own validation study. If you would like we can send you a sample pack of the Ghost Wipes that you can test for mercury levels as blanks. This will give you an idea of if the background amounts are below your needed detection limits. You would need to do a similar study for each new lot of wipes that you receive. If you would like the sample pack, please call in to any of our technical help lines or sales lines for assistance.

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