What is the difference between Ghost wipe for testing lead in dust vs testing beryllium in dust. We currently utlise The blue ghost wipe (meeting ASTM E 1792) for screening metals in dust including Be

The beryllium GhostWipe is smaller than the lead GhostWipe. ASTM D 7707 specifies the dimensions of a wipe to be used for taking samples for the analysis of Be in dust and ASTM E1792 does the same for Pb samples. \r\nWe only test these products for Pb and Be. You may encounter fluctuations in the background levels of other metals.

What digestion procedure was used in your lab?

We used a method following HUD (Housing and Urban Development) guidelines for Lead in Dust Wipes Appendix A-5.0 which references NIOSH 7082. 10 mL of DI water is added to the container with the wipe. Then 2 mL each of hydrochloric and nitric acid are added. The sample is digested at 95 C for 45 minutes. After digestion and cooling, the sample is brought up to 50 mL with DI water. It is now ready for analysis.

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