Metals Digestion Equipment

Metals Digestion Equipment

Metals Digestion Equipment Product Lines:

The NEW AutoBlock Fill! Provide Automation to your HotBlock for Metals Digestion at an Economical Price.

The AutoBlock Fill from Environmental Express coordinates with your existing HotBlock or Filling Platform to accurately add the necessary acids and other reagents for metals digestion.  AutoBlock Fill is compact enough to fit in your fume hood or free up valuable hood space. You can also place AutoBlock Fill and your HotBlock in our AirLiteā„¢ Enclosure. Simply choose your method, press START and walk away.

  • Includes easy-to-use, intuitive software. 
  • Superior construction and design expands functionality and minimizes corrosion.
  • Disposable digestion cups eliminate glassware. 

Click here for a AutoBlock Fill Brochure.

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