Can Autoblock control the temperature set point relate to sample temperature instead of block temperature?

The AutoBlock only regulates the block temperature. It has a thermocouple to monitor the temperature of one sample and record it during the digestion process, but it does not have the capability of adjusting the temperature for a target sample temperature.

can the system handle 5% HNO3 solution as a \"fill to volume\" solution instead of D/I water?

The system can handle 5% HNO3 as a reagent. The limitation is that the final fill to volume liquid must come from position 1 in the reagents grouping. This is the same spot that is used to rinse the probe and flush the lines when switching between different reagents.

The exhaust fan is not able to turn off until grafite block reaches 40 degrees.Can you shut the autoblock down after a digestion before 40 degrees is reached?

This is a safety feature built into the AutoBlock software. Any time the temperature is higher than 40 C, the fan automatically cuts on. This is to ensure that any fumes present are being evacuated. You can shut the AutoBlock down post digestion before 40 C is reached by turning the power off.

What is the temperature range and precision on the AutoBLock Plus

The AutoBlock Plus has the same temperature specifications as our manual HotBlocks. It has a temperature range of ambient + 10° - 150°. The block will maintain a temperature uniformity of ±1.5°C across the surface of the block.

Can the system handle HF and HClO4?

This system is not designed to be compatible with perchloric acid (HCLO4). It does not have the wash down capabilities necessary to avoid the buildup of potentially explosive salts. The unit can safely handle hydrofluoric acid (HF). Care should always be taken by the user to ensure that all other precautions relating to the storage and usage of HF are met.

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