Is this unit self contained or in addition to the HEPA filter does it also require a dedicated exhaust line in the lab to properly vent acidic fumes? Thanks.

This unit requires an exhaust line that will typically be piped into a laboratory hood. The HEPA filter is designed to provide clean air coming into the unit to protect the samples. It does not affect the air leaving the enclosure.

What diameter of duct would fit on it

The outer diameter of the ducting is 4\".

Is this enclosure designed to function independently for metals digestion? If so, what are ducting requirements.

The enclosure is intended to provide a clean environment for samples to digest without worrying about airborne contaminants. It has a fan on top that should be connected to a proper exhaust system such as a fume hood. It requires less than 15 feet of exhaust with no drop in elevation.

Does this unit have to be placed in a fume hood? I would prefer to use it on the benchtop in our metals area. I am assuming its ok to use outside of a fumehood as there should only be steam released

The intent of this product is not necessarily for fume emission control but rather to safeguard your digestion by controlling what enters the enclosure. It is designed to operate on a benchtop. The exhaust for the enclosure should be directed toward an appropriate vented area. Routine digestion of samples for metals analysis has not demonstrated any problems with the operation of the enclosure.

Can you recommend a blower size for this enclosure?

The AirLite enclosure comes with a fan/blower already installed. The replacement part for it is item SC830.

Do I need a scrubber for SC801 or do I still need to connect this to our lab exhaust system? Will this be a standalone fumehood.? We don\'t want to use the same exhaust system for organic and acid fum

This product is not intended to be used in place of a fumehood. Its primary purpose is to provide a contaminant free atmosphere to the process inside the enclosure. The HEPA filters are for the air being drawn in. The exhaust is not treated in any way and must be vented out through an existing vent system.

Is the filter housing (alone) avaliable to purchase?

Yes. The HEPA filter part number is SC840.

Do you carry the exhaust tubing for the SC801 - AirLite™ HEPA-Filtered Enclosure for HotBlock™

No, we do not carry the ductwork for this item.

Do you have a

The AirLite enclosure is designed to provide a environment for performing analyses that is relatively free from air born contaminants. It provides some of the benefits of a fume hood in that it will help to direct vapors and odors away from the enclosed area. However, because it does not provide the airflow as required by a standard fume hood it cannot be considered as such. It also must be vented into a separate system, either a standard fume hood or other ventilation system to fully remove fumes and vapors.

Does the filter Hepa remove acid vapours?

The hepa filter does not remove acid vapors. It is designed to remove any particulates that might be airborne before air enters the digestion chamber of the AutoBlock to ensure a clean environment.

I am very interesting this equiperment. Do you have 240V?

Yes we do. Part # is SC801-240.

will this enclosure work for the 54 position block?

The SC801 Hot Block enclosure is 30 5/8\" wide x 20 1/2\" deep at the bottom, which will accommodate our 22\" x 15\" 54-well Hot Block.

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