Is it customized Digestion blocks also available?

Yes they are. Please contact your sales representative to request information on custom HotBlock.

Do you have a on/off switch for the Hotblock 200? ours is shorting out

You csn find a list of replacement parts for the HotBlock 200 here - http://www.envexp.com/products/2-Metals/MD-Metals_Digestion_Equipment/HB200REPL-HotBlock_200_Replacement_Parts\r\nThe part number for the power switch is LE2001.

how long is the warranty for the hotblock?

The HotBlock carries a warranty on the manufacture of one year from the date of purchase.

Do the HotBlock 200 and older HotBlock Pro have the same style of electrical cord and plug to connect to the controller box?

They do not. The new controller requires a different style cord to provide proper control.

SC2050-54 doesn\'t come with a controller. Is it possible to operate with out it?

This unit cannot operate without a controller.

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