HotBlock 200 Controllers

*HotBlock 200 Controllers

These controllers are specifically designed to operate our HotBlock® 200 series heating blocks. They come in a unique, Kydex® housing that can be mounted to the side of your fume hood via magnets. The black, controller mounting plate can also removed from the housing and installed in one of the empty receptacles on the fume hood. The controllers are not pre-programmed but include ramp and soak features. These controllers work for both 120 and 240V HotBlock® 200 blocks.

Item No. Description
SC1831 HotBlock® 200 - Controller - 1-Block, Each
SC1832 HotBlock® 200 - Controller - 2-Block, Each


Hello. With this Controller SC1831 is necesary the use of the timer SC305?

This controller has ramp and soak features which means you can set it to heat for a specific amount of time. You will not need a separate timer to control the digestion time.

do you have an instruction manual for how to use and program this controller?SC1831 - HotBlock® 200 - Controller

The HotBlock 200 manual contains instructions on how to use the controller on this unit. It can be found here - http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals

will this controller work with the older 100mL blocks sold by you (2 100nL blocks)

The old HotBlock Pro blocks cannot be controlled with the new controller. The touchscreen used in the old controllers was discontinued by the manufacturer and we have been unable to find a compatible screen to replace it.

Is it possible to use SC1831 for 220-240V 50Hz?

This controller works for both the 120 and 240V HotBlock 200 blocks. You will need to purchase the 240V version of the HotBlock 200 for which you are interested.

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