25-Position, 100mL HotBlock 150

*25-Position, 100mL HotBlock 150

The SC150 is designed for the digestion of larger samples. As its standard digestion vessel, it uses the SC490 screw-cap cup with polyethelene liner in the lid. Made of polypropylene, this cup is naturally clean and has a 125mL capacity. This vessel provides faster sample reduction times than the 50mL models due to its larger diameter.

The unit has a twenty five sample capacity. Each block comes standard with one set of two racks (SC225) for easy handling of multiple samples. As with all other HotBlocks® it is completely corrosion-free and the graphite block is PTFE- coated.

Item No. Description
SC150 HotBlock® 150 - 25-Position, 100mL
SC150-240 HotBlock® 150 - 25-Position, 100mL, 240V


Is the set temperature variable. Can I set it at ~140°F?

The controller is set to °C. The temperature can be set from ambient +5 to 150°C. Your temperature is equivalent to 60°C.

Will the SC150 work with the StirBase?

The SC150 HotBlock, and all other HotBlocks from Environmental Express will fit on the StirBase.

what\'s is the diameter of 100 ml white cup (SC490) ?

Cup height is 4.01\" (100mm). Diameter at top is 1.81\" (46mm). Diameter at bottom is 1.77\" (45mm). Uses 48mm/400 cap with 0.040 PE foam liner.

What\'s the highest temperature you can go with the digestion vessels before they starting melting?

Our digestion vessels are made from polypropylene. We give the maximum temperature for them as 130°C. At this point the cups will begin to soften and be malleable. If you need digestion temperatures above this amount we do have specialty cups that will be appropriate.

SC150 - 25-Well Hotblock®, 100mL is it american made?

Our HotBlocks are made and assembled at our facility in Charleston SC.

Hi! Do you have a hotblock whose temperature range is ambient to 400 degree? Thanks.

We do not currently have any products based on the HotBlock technology that will attain 400 C. To reach temperatures of this nature you will need to explore using a TKN block such as SC900.

Where could I find/purchase a user manual for the SC150 Hot Block?

We have most of the different versions of our user manuals on our website in the technical section. http://www.envexp.com/component/content/article/37-tech-support/113-product-manuals Be sure to look closely at the face of the controller to identify which one you need. If you are unable to identify which manual is most appropriate for your needs please call our tech support line at 800-745-8281.

The picture of the 25 well Hotblock looks like it only holds 20. Is that a smaller rack for it?

The SC150 HotBlock comes with 2 racks--one that holds 15 samples and one that holds 10 samples.

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