54-Position 50mL HotBlock 150

*54-Position 50mL HotBlock 150

The large capacity SC154 HotBlock® 150 will digest up to 54, 50mL samples simultaneously in just a 15 X 21.5" footprint. Constructed of Graphite and Kydex® the corrosion-resistant SC154 was designed for environmental and other acid digestions prior to metals determinations. The SC154 uses a maximum of 1065 watts of power and will maintain sample uniformity to ±1.5°C. Heat is provided by a low-wattage heating mat that provides extremely uniform heating to all parts of the block. The compact size of the SC154 allows it to fit comfortably inside the HEPA filtered AirLite® hood.

This model comes complete with three 18-place Polycarbonate racks (SC200). These racks allow the operator to load or unload 18 samples at once. Racks accommodate any style of 50mL digestion cups.

Item No. Description
SC154 HotBlock® 150 - 54-Position, 50mL
SC154-240 HotBlock® 150 - 54-Position, 50mL, 240V


HotBlock Replacement Parts, required for two years to this SC154 - HotBlock

The following link will give you a list of the possible replacement parts needed for a HotBlock. SC945-W, SC952, or SC966 would be the most common electrical component to experience failure. http://www.envexp.com/products/2-Metals/MD-Metals_Digestion_Equipment/HBPARTS-HotBlock_Replacement_Parts\r\nThe length of time before a potential failure will vary depending on the use and care of the unit.

Para que sirve?

Este producto está diseñado para usarse en cualquier procedimiento que requiera la aplicación de calor a una muestra. El uso principal para nuestra base de clientes es la digestión de muestras acuosas para la determinación del contenido de metales.

Hello, you not include EPA Method 200.8 for SC2050-54HotBlock 200, why?

That method is included in the manual for this unit. The item page does not yet have methods added to it. It can be used for any typical metals digestion protocol.

Hello, Please, with this device is it possible to work with cosmetic matrix ? Minearlisation is it total with this device for cosmetic product?

The HotBlock is compatible with many different sample matrices. The limiting factor is usually the required temperature. Our standard HotBlock has an upper temperature setting of 150°C. Other models are available that can reach 200°C or 400°C. Different digestion vessels may need to be considered depending on analytes of interest or digestion temperature.

Part no and cost ror replacemet controler for 54 position hot block unit

You will need to look at the serial number on your HotBlock. If it contains the letters \'CECW\' in the middle you will need item SC945-W, otherwise use SC945.

Is it possible to purchase additional feet for this hot block? We lost a foot and would like replacements.

Item SC976 is the replacement foot for all styles of HotBlock.

Do you have inbstructions on the control panel buttons? For example: is there a way to set the temperature to run for a specific time?

All the necessary instructions for the controller are contained in the instruction manual. It can be downloaded from http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals, look for the file ‘HotBlock Manual 08.2016.pdf’. This controller is intended to set the block temperature and hold it. It does not have any timer controlled functions available. If you need such functionality you will need to use a block from the HotBlock 200 series. SC2050-54 would be the equivalent size for what you have now.

Can this SC154 be operated without controller?

This unit comes with a controller and cannot be operated without it.

I am planning to use this hot block for digestion of crude oil with Aqua Regia, Is this the model you would recommend?

This HotBlock is maximum operating temperature of 150C. I am not familiar with crude oil digestions, but if you need to go higher than 150C, then I would recommend our HotBlock 200. The HotBlock 200 can go up to 200C. Also, I would not use our disposable, polypropylene digestion vessels with crude oil. Since plastics are derived from crude oil, I am not sure what effect the crude oil will have on the polypropylene vessels. We do have a variety of specialty digestion vessels that might be better suited.

We own 2 hot blocks model SC154. I would like to read a user manual. Do you have one on-line?

The manual is available online in our Technical Section on the web.

Is this equipment NRTL certified (ie, UL, CSA, or other)? Thank you

This product carries an ETL listing through Intertek.


Usually when the heating distribution is measurably different it is either a product of different sample matrices having different thermal properties or one of the electrical components of the block is beginning to fail. Most likely it will be the heater mat. If you see different heating rates with all the same type of sample in the block please call us at 800-343-5319 and ask for HotBlock support.

controller will not dial up a temperature, only down button will work

Once the buttons on the controller stop functioning, we cannot fix them. You will need to replace the controller. We have two different models of controller depending on the age of the HotBlock. If the serial number of the HotBlock contains \"CEC\", then you should order part SC945. If the serial number of the HotBlock contains \"CECW\", then you should order part SC945-W. Feel free to give us a call at 800-343-5319 if you need help in determining which part to order.

We have this exact hot block in our lab but it just recently stopped working. Do you sell electrical parts for these, mainly the power cord and on/off switch? How much is it for a new one?

Yes, we sell all replacement parts for the HotBlocks and most are very easy to change there at your facility. We\'ll walk you through the repairs if needed or you can send your unit to us and we\'ll perform the repairs here. To view a list of replacement parts visit the website here:\r\nhttp://www.envexp.com/products/2-Metals/MD-Metals_Digestions/HBPARTS-HotBlock_Replacement_Parts

We have one of these in our lab that recently has encountered wiring issues. How much does this product cost new.

For all pricing inquires please contact your local sales rep or e-mail us at sales@envexp.com.

the hot block includes disposable screw cap polypropylene cups.

The HotBlock does not come with cups as a default package. You can discuss a quote with your sales representative about what may be available at a combined price for your purchase.

Do you sell temperature controllers for the SC154?

Yes, the item number for the controller is SC945 or SC945-W. To determine which one you need you will need to look at the serial number of your block. There is a set of letters in the middle that can be either CEC (SC945) or CECW (SC945-W).

How much time does it take to acheived 110C form 22 C (Ambiant )

The HotBlock should achieve the setpoint within 30 minutes. The age of the heating mat, the air flow around the block, and the presence of samples in the wells can all affect the amount of time the block takes to heat.

how can i increase the temperature of the block to have a sample temperatre of 95

Generally we expect a temperature difference of 10-15°C between block and samples. This value will change based on the age of the heater mat on the block, the room temperature, air flow across the block and other factors. If you wish to achieve a sample temperature of 95°C you should set your block initially to 105°C. Place a representative matrix in a digestion vessel in the block and allow the block and sample to achieve equilibrium. Check the temperature of the sample using a calibrated thermometer. Adjust the block temperature as needed to achieve the correct sample temperature. For samples that are being digested with a watch glass you will want to set the temperature of the uncovered sample to be 10°C less than the final covered sample temperature.

what is the price of the product: Item No.: SC154 - 54-Well HotBlock™, 50mL

Please log in to your customer account or call our sales team at 1-800-343-5319 to obtain current pricing.

what country are these hot blocks manufactured in?

The HotBlocks are manufactured in Charleston, SC, USA.

I have sc154 hot block with a broken power switch do you sell replacement switch

There is a replacement power module, which is the entire panel that the cord plugs into and includes the switch and fuse box. The part number is SC941.

what company manufactures this HOt Block?

All HotBlocks are manufactured by Environmental Express.

What is the temperature variance expected across the hotblock?

All of our blocks are capable of maintaining a setpoint of ±0.1°C and provide sample consistency of ±1.5°C.

Is there a replacement part for the heating element for the SC154?

Yes, the replacement heater mat is SC966.

I would like to convert a hot plate method (e.g. EPA 200.2) to a HotBlock method. Do you have an EPA 200.2 HotBlock Method? Are there any

Our HotBlock manuals come with adapted versions of several EPA methods including 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 245.1, 7470, 7471, 365.2, 3050B, and NIOSH method 7303. Generally speaking, the same digestion times and temperatures will apply as given in each method. The only thing to be aware of is differences in volume. Most of the EPA methods were written to use 100 mL sample in a 250 mL flask on a hotplate.

Can I adjust the temperature to 100C

Yes. The operating range of this block is ambient to 150°C

How long is the electrical cord?

The cord is 6 1/2 feet long.

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