96-Position 15mL HotBlock 150

*96-Position 15mL HotBlock 150

Originally designed for the mining industry, the SC196 is used for the digestion of 15mL samples and has a 96 sample capacity. The recommended digestion vessel, SC415, has a total volume of 18mL and is graduated in 5mL increments. The SC196 has shown positive results for applications requiring reduced sample size, higher throughput and lower waste. The SC196 comes with three polycarbonate racks (SC296) that hold up to 32 samples each to facilitate loading and unloading of samples.

Item No. Description
SC196 HotBlockĀ® 150 - 96-Position, 15mL
SC196-240 HotBlockĀ® 150 - 96-Position, 15mL, 240V


What are the dimensions for the test tubes that can fit into the slots?

This block is designed to fit our SC415 vessel. It measures 17.5 mm diameter by 105 mm height.

We currently perform digestions in 50mL tubes and evaporate to 10mL. Would we be able to evaporate samples in the same proportions using the smaller 15mL tubes?

Yes, the same proportions are possible using the 15 mL tubes. You will need to do some careful monitoring of the sample digestion during the first few runs to get a feel for how long the digestion takes. With reduced volumes it is very easy to leave the samples on too long, causing them to go to dryness.

Is the SC196 approved by EPA for Method 200.7 or only the larger size vessels? Any advantage of 240V versus 120V? Is timer compatible with SC196-240?

The EPA does not approve or endorse specific equipment. They do not restrict the use of equipment different from what is listed in the approved methods as long as the procedure and chemistries in those methods are not altered. Changes in volumes have been accepted as modifications that do not need any demonstrations of equivalence. The only difference in the 120V and 240V is the electrical requirements. Typically, our domestic (US) customers use the 120V unit and the international customers use the 240V unit. The timer is only compatible with the 240V unit.

Can SC196 run by itself, or does it require a controller (SC180)?

This is our basic model HotBlock. It has a built in temperature controller that allows you to set any temperature from 5 degrees above ambient up to 150 C. There are no timer or temperature ramping options available. If you want to use those options you would need to look at the HotBlock Pro series.

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