The effective distance is directly related to the size of the object being measured. This IR thermometer has a distance to size ratio of 10:1. If you measure the diameter of a circle on the area you wish to evaluate and multiply that by 10 you will have the maximum effective range of an accurate temperature measurement.

Do you still carry the thermometer to measure the temperature in the hotblock

See item SC983.

What is the best way to measure digestion temperature using this type of thermometer?

This thermometer is not intended for use in monitoring the digestion temperature. That must be done by inserting a thermometer in the sample. Infra-red thermometers are designed for measuring high temperature, hard to reach, or solid surfaces such as the graphite block in a digestor. This would be used to verify that the block is at the set-point temperature.

How long is the NIST traceable calibration good for?

The calibration is good for one year from the date the calibration was preformed.

Can we get just the holder ring?

Yes, this is part SC980B

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