Are the screws to go with the following part: SC976 - HotBlock® - Parts - Rubber Foot, each available separtly or included.

Item SC976 does not come with the screws. The screws are sold individually and are item SC964.

This is the fuse that is read as the replacement part for my 54-place hotblock, however on the hotblock itself it reads 250V fuse only. Do you also sell 250V fuse for the hotblocks, or only this 125V?

We have been using the 125V fuse for 20 years. Our HotBlocks were certified with that fuse. You can use the SC962.

Is changing this controller something a lab technician could do in house or would pro-service be required? Also do you offer service for these if we wanted the controller professionally changed?

The controller replacement is fairly simple. To determine which replacement controller you would need, look at the serial number of the HotBlock. If the serial number contains “CEC” then you need SC945. If it contains “CECW” then you need SC945-W. You would just remove the old and put in the new one and wire back color for color. If it is a SC945, you would have to unwire and rewire since the controller will not fit into the cutout with the wires on. I recommend that you take a picture of the wiring before you start so that you have a picture reference also. If you want to send it to us, you would need a decontamination sheet filled out and we would replace the controller and check out the rest of the unit for any other failing items since it is already at our location and taken apart. Once it is ran and tested we would send it back to you.

I pressed the arrow keys and I\'m still unable to change the temperature on the controller .

If the contacts under the buttons are no longer responsive you will need to replace the controller.

Where do I put the small red and yellow wires go?

I presume you are referring to the wires that come off of the thermocouple. The yellow wire goes into terminal 1 on the controller and the red wire goes into terminal 2. If you accidentally hook them up in the wrong order your temperature will display negative values.

Is this a peel and stick mat or is there an adhesive that is needed?

The mat does have its own adhesive backing. You will need a cylindrical object to aid in smoothing the mat so that there are no bubbles present underneath.


This controller can only be set to heat and hold at one temperature. There are no ramping options available for it.

Would the sc945-w work with the CEC hot blocks?

This part number will only fit in the HotBlocks that have CECW in the middle of the serial number. The electrical connection will work but the opening to insert the controller is too small on the HotBlocks with CEC in the serial number.

What is the amperage for these fuses?


We need a controller for our SC6002 hot block. Which is the correct one to order?

This will be dependent on the serial number of your unit. If the serial number contains the letters \"CECW\" then the correct part # is SC945-W. If the serial number contains the letters \"CEC\" then the correct part # is SC945.

What is the difference between the SC945 and SC945-W controllers?

The only difference in the SC945 and SC945-W controller is a slight variation in the housing dimensions. To determine which one you need you just look at the serial number on the block. If it contains the letters CECW you will need SC945-W. If it is just CEC or any other set of letters you will need SC945.

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