Could this be used to mix samples on an autosampler like an SPS3?

This unit cannot be used in conjunction with anything that has metal components larger than wiring. The large metal pieces will cause the magnet to drag and burn out the motor.

Can a USB stick used together with the controller SC180?

The SC180 contoller does not use USB sticks. They are programmed by direct input on the controller. I want to inform you that we have discontinued the HotBlock Pro series. We have developed a new HotBlock, HotBlock 200, and it will be available in April 2017.

I placed magnetic stir bar into 100-ml digestion vial(containing resin and conc. HNO3) on StirBase/HotBlock.I turned control knob and maximized speed. There was no strong vortex.Why?How to create it?

Instead of spinning the magnetic stir bar horizontally, the StirBase tumbles the bar vertically inside each digestion vessel. This provides an efficient, safe, and consistent mixing of your samples. Therefore, you will not see the typical vortex created by horizontal spinning.

can you send me dimensions of the SC160 Stirrer Base and also dimensions with the hotblock you mention

The dimensions of the unit are 16.5x23x4 inches (LxWxH). The dimensions of the 54 well HotBlock are 15x22x7.5 inches.

Does this mean that the stirbase itself does not heat up? Does the controller only control the stir speed?

The StirBase is simply a very large and powerful stirplate. It is sturdy enough and large enough to hold a HotBlock on top, but does not provide any heating on its own.

What is the temperature range of the SC160?

The StirBase was developed for use with the HotBlock. We have only done testing to ensure a safe operating temp of up to 150 °C, the maximum temperature of the block.

what is the warranty of the SC160

There is a general limited warranty of 1 year on this item. For details on the warranty please visit our Manuals page to view the operation manual for this item.

Is the SC160 stirbase UL listed?

Yes this product has UL certification.

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