What is the maximum temperature this can reach

This unit has a maximum temperature of 150°C.

what is the heating area?

The usable surface area is 17.5\" x 11.5\".

Is SC175 HotBlock HotPlate , 120V UL listed?

Yes. It carries both ETL and CE listings.

What is the uniformity and stability temperature ranges for this unit?

The HotPlate is capable of maintaining a setpoint of ±0.1°C and provide sample consistency of ±1.5°C. Temperature stability allows all samples being digested to evaporate at a similar rate, providing more uniform recoveries and preventing the opportunity for cross contamination.

Do you carry the PTFE beakers that can be used for hotplate digestion? Thank you! Ulyana

We do not carry PTFE beakers. The only PTFE digestion vessel that we currently offer is a flat bottom tube that has a total volume of 62 mL, SC545.

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