How many rows are there for item # SC235 (HotBlock 35-position Rack)?

Item SC235 is a set of 3 racks. One rack is 3 rows of 5 and the other two are 2 rows of 5.

What are the dimensions on SC7150?

Rack Size: 6-1/2\" x 12-3/4\" x 3\" (16.5 x 32.4 x 7.6 cm)\r\nCompartment Size: 2\" x 2\" (5 x 5 cm)

how do I find the watch covers for 100ml vials that go with SC150 hot block?

The part number for the 100 mL watch glasses is SC610.

Is the rack autoclavable?

These are made of polypropylene which has a max operating temperature of 130C. Most steam autoclaves are around 121C, so these racks should be fine. Do not exceed 130C.

Are these racks able to be heated in an Autoclave? IF not do you have racks that can go into an autoclave?

The SC700 are foam racks that are not autoclaveable. We have the SC446 which is made of polypropylene, just like our digestion vessels, and can withstand temperatures up to 130C.

Are similar containers to these ones (Item No: SC700) available for smaller volume capacities? e.g. 5-10ml?

We do not have any racks similar to these for smaller vessels. The closest option we have is standard test tube style racks.

what is the part number for 18 place tube rack for simple distillation apparatus with SC154 hotblock

The same rack that is used for the digestion vessels is used on the SimpleDist, item SC200.

Is blue the only colour available?

Yes, blue is the only option we currently offer.

Please advise packaged weight and dimensions for 6 x SC200 sample racks

The shipping dimensions for 6 x SC200 racks are 17x7x16 and the shipping weight is 7 lbs.

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