I am looking to replace our old environmental express 36 capacity hot block. What is the pricing for the new SC100 HotBlock 150 model?

Please send all pricing and quote requests to your sales representative or our customer support department at orders@envexp.com

What is the temperature range on the SC100 Hotblock? Do you have a specification sheet available?

The HotBlocks can maintain a temperature of ambient+5°C up to 150°C.

We just received a new hotblock. i am wondering how can i verify the temp of the hotblock, if i used an external thermometer,it is not reaching upto the temp as displayed on the hotblock.

The surface temperature of the HotBlock is rarely the same as the block temperature. The best approach to an external verification is to use an IR thermometer and take the temperature at the bottom of one of the wells.

Can this be used for SM 4500 ammonia distiallation?

This block can be used in conjunction with our SimpleDist system to analyze samples in accordance with SM4500 NH3.

Do you sell a replacement part for the power plug and fuse holder assembly on the rear of the block? The plug prongs and fuse holder have become very corroded.

The part you need is SC941.

I\'m looking for a block to heat 10 vials 7 cm deep and a diameter of 1.8 cm to 100C. Any recommendations? We have an SC100 now.

We can make custom blocks to fit a specific vessel that you have. Please contact your sales representative to get the details on how to get this quoted.

What is the lead time for shipping a SC100 Hotblock 36 position 50ml?

This product is usually in stock and typically ships within a day or two of order.

I work at the PCL for the city of Fort Collins, we have purchased from you two hot blocks in the past, model sc100 36 hole has a controller with a stuck down button, how can we fix?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to fix stuck buttons on the HotBlock controller. If your button is stuck, you will need to replace the controller. To determine which controller you will need to buy, look at the serial number of your HotBlock. If the serial number has “CECW”, you will need to purchase SC945-W. If the serial number just has “CEC”, you will need to purchase SC945.

I need a replacement part for my hot block. AC952 Solid state relay

The part number for the solid state relay is SC952. You can order online by logging into your account or you can call 1-800-343-5319 and speak to customer service.

Is a user manual for the SC100-36 hot block available online?

Yes, our product manuals are available for download under the Technical tab. Just click on the Product manuals link and select which manual you need. Here is the link for that page: http://www.envexp.com/component/content/article/37-tech-support/113-product-manuals

how to adjust the temperature ?press the button seems like not work?

The temperature adjustment procedure will depend on which style of controller you have. Please visit http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals to see a list of the manuals available for the HotBlock. There are pictures on the front cover of each one to help you identify yours. If you are still unable to adjust the temperature call our tech support line at 800-745-8218 for additional troubleshooting.

Is there a manual available online for the old 3-button style hot block temperature controller?

I presume you are referencing the Cal 3300 controller. It has 3 round buttons labled with an asterisk and up and down arrows. There is a link on our homepage for product manuals, http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals. You will find two links to older manuals for the HotBlocks. Please check the photo on the front page of each manual to see the controller that it pertains to.

Is this hotblock approved for 200.9 EPA Method?

EPA does not approve or endorse specific instruments. However, EPA does not restrict the use of instruments or equipment that employ technology which is different from the EPA approved methods as long as the user follows the procedures required in the EPA methods, as well as the manufacturer’s operating instructions for proper use. We have many customers who are employing the HotBlock for all approved metals digestion methods.

Can you send me standard operating procedure (EPA approved) to perform digestion in wastewater using this block?

You can find the most current manual for the operation of the HotBlock here - http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals. There are several methods at the back of the manual that correspond to different EPA approved methods. The instructions that we provide are merely intended as guidance for adapting the approved methods to use on the HotBlock. Your regulatory agency will have the final say in what needs to be in your SOP.

If we adjust our operating temp. from 90 degree C to 30 degree C before shutting down the unit, then an audible alarm has sounded. What is the procedure of shutting down the hotblock?

The alarm is set to sound if the block temperature exceeds the set point by 15 degrees. The easiest way to shut down the block is to simply turn it off.

I am unable to decrease the temperature on my hotblock because the decrease button is not working. Is this something that can be repaired? Can you send me a new control panel that I can simply swap?

This is most likely due to the contact underneath that button either being worn out or something is on the contact that prevents a proper signal. This could be something as simple as dust or some form of corrosion. The controllers are not modular in design which means the face plate cannot be replaced separately from the entire unit. You can try one thing before having to replace the controller. The manual contains instructions for changing the controller out. Remove the controller from the block. There is a slight gap where you can direct a blast of canned air or other low pressure gas spray. If it is just dust or other debris blocking the contact this may solve the problem. Otherwise the controller will need to be replaced. The part number for the controller is either SC945 or SC945-W. Please have your HotBlock serial number available when you call to order this part as it will allow us to determine the correct controller to send to you.

Will the samples reach the maximum temperature of 150 C?

The temperature monitored on the controller is that of the graphite itself, not the sample. One can expect a 10 - 15 degree difference between graphite temperature and sample temperature when digesting samples. The use of watch glasses or reflux caps will also have an affect on sample temperature.

Is the hot block digestion procedure in the instruction manual approved for EPA method 200.7?

The EPA does not restrict the use of instruments or equipment that employ technology which is different from the EPA approved methods as long as the user follows the procedures required in the EPA methods, as well as the manufacturer’s operating instructions for proper use. We have made every effort to ensure that the procedure outlined in the HotBlock manual utilizes the same reagents and ratios as outlined in the approved methods. However we cannot guarantee that we will be able to immediately update methods that have been revised by the EPA. Nor are we able to update every customer who has purchased a HotBlock with updated versions of methods as they become available. The procedure in the manual should be used as a guide, with the approved method the final resource on the correct digestion times, temperatures, and concentration and volume of reagents used for the appropriate sample volume.

How do you clean this unit if there is spill over into the wells?

Always unplug the HotBlock and allow it to completely cool before performing any clean up procedure. Follow your laboratory safety procedure for neutralizing any hazards present in the spilled material. For example, an acidic solution can be neutralized with bicarbonate. Once the spill is safe to handle it can be absorbed with paper towels or a sponge. Particulate matter should be vacuumed out with a shop vac or other appropriate suction device.

We have this HOT BLOCK with 36 places SC100-36. It does not heat up to a right temperature.Can you help?It could be controler or Heating element /Thermo couples?

Performing troubleshooting via submitted questions is problematic at best. Please call our main number: 800-343-5319 or Technical Support: 800-745-8218 and we will help you diagnose your issues.

can this unit also be used for distillations?

Yes, any of the 50 mL well HotBlocks can be coupled up with a SimpleDist manifold to distill samples.

Is it possible to digest water sample with the SC475 vessel and the green cap?

Yes--the SC475 vessel is specifically designed for the digestion of samples for metals analysis. The cups are made of polypropylene which can withstand an upper temperature of 130 deg C. Samples can be digested open or with a watchglass (see part # SC505).

Do you sell the power module 9843P for this item and what is the part number and price? The switch will not turn off or on because it is stuck.

Yes. The power module is part # SC941. Current pricing can be found on our website by searching for this part #.

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