What is the max temp and time your SC490 tubes can handle with a strong to medium acid?

Polypropylene is safe to use up to 130°C. Our digestion cups are not recommended for long term storage of concentrated acids, but they are safe to use with acidic solutions. They are designed to be used with mixtures of hydrochloric and nitric acids at temperatures near 100°C. They are safe to use under these conditions almost indefinitely. For a better listing of chemical compatibility please use the following link. https://www.coleparmer.com/chemical-resistance

How wide in mm is the opening of the cup?

The opening is approximately 46 mm in diameter.

Any chance you sell the screw caps for the 100mL digestion cups by itself? I have a lot of the bottle left but no caps for them

Yes, this would be item SC492-C.

what is the price for a case of 100mL digestion cups (SC490)? do you sell 100mL ultimate clean cups

Please contact your sales rep for pricing inquiries. We do not have 100 mL Ultimate Clean Cups.

What is the height of the lip from the bottom in mm for SC490?

It is 91 mm to the underside of the lip from the bottom.

Do you still sell the 125mL wide mouth vessels with attached lids? Catalog #?

Please see item SC600.

Is it class A? I am something looking for class A digestion cups 50 ml which can be digested in acid medium in 120 degree centigrate for 1 hour . Do you have something like that?

These vessels are tested for volume accuracy at all graduation lines by the procedures set forth in ASTM E542-01, Standard Practice for Calibration of Laboratory Apparatus. Volume accuracy is found to be within the Class A tolerance set forth in ASTM 1272-02, Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Graduated Cylinders. However, glassware, not plastics, are Class A certified. We do not sell Class A certified digestion vessels.

What material are the caps made of? I need this information for recycling purposes.

The cap is made of polypropylene with a polyethylene liner.

Is product SC490 able to be autoclaved

The SC490 is made of polypropylene, which can withstand temperatures up to 130C. Since most autoclaves operate around 122C, the SC490 should be ok.

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