What are the prices of 15 mL (SC415, 1000pk), 50 mL (UC475-GN, 500pk), 100 mL (SC490, 225pk) and 250 mL (SC425, 180pk) digestion cups and vessels? Thank you.

To obtain current pricing information you can log in to your customer account, contact your sales representative, or call our main number at 800 343 5319 and speak with a member of our customer support team.

Is the graduation of this kind of digestion vessel really accurate, so that I can rely on its graduation instead of using a volumetric flask?

It is possible to achieve accuracy levels similar that Class A labeled glassware with these graduation markings. You can find documentation for our volume studies of each lot here - http://www.envexp.com/component/content/article/148?Itemid=109

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