Are reflux caps for the 100 mL digestion cups available?

We only provide the disposable watch glass (SC610)\r\n for the 100 mL digestion cup.

I\'m using SC 506 Disposable Reflux Caps. Would I need to rinse caps in DI Water before use? Is there any prep before use?

You do not need to do anything to the reflux caps prior to use. They are fine to use right out of the box.

You say the reflux cap has shown equal reflux to the ribbed watch glass. Does that mean you can use the cap in place of the watch glass for all parts of each methods?

That is correct. The reflux cap is designed to give reflux equivalent to what is generated by a watch glass. The added benefit of the reflux cap is that the opening allows the user to add digestion reagents throughout the process without removing the cover.

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