Is this product for sale in China? We need a digestion cup without cap for ICP. Which one is suitable?

For product availability in China, please contact sales@coleparmer.com.cn. This product is the best general purpose digestion cup for ICP.

Can acetone be stored in the UC474 - 50mL UltimateCup digestion tubes?

This product is molded from polypropylene, which has no adverse effects with acetone. You may use this product as a storage container provided you follow all normal storage safety procedures.

It says on the certificate of analysis that volume accuracy of all graduation marks meet class A tolerances. What are the graduation marks?

The cup has lines on the side that mark each 5 mL increment.

Is there more than one lot for this item UC474?

We generate one Certificate of Analysis per material lot. This typically lasts for up to six months before a new lot of material is needed. Each box will also include a suffix to the lot number that indicates the daily molding lot it belongs to.

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