Does this size cup come in a tapered bottom option?

We do sell standard centrifuge tubes, SC460. They hold 50 mL, but are not the same dimensions as UC475, which are designed to fit in our HotBlock.

Is the graduation of this kind of digestion vessel really accurate, so that I can rely on its graduation instead of using a volumetric flask?

It is possible to achieve accuracy levels similar that Class A labeled glassware with these graduation markings. You can find documentation for our volume studies of each lot here - http://www.envexp.com/component/content/article/148?Itemid=109

Do you have any information on the use of the 50 mL UltimateCup for 245.1 mercury digestions? Specifically volume of sample and reagents used, and if this is a common way to do this digestion? Thanks

The method was written using 300 mL glass BOD bottles. The EPA has said that changing the volume used in testing is an acceptable modification if the reagents are changed to keep the same ratio as originally written. As always, when changing volumes, keep in mind that the sensitivity of the method can change based on the sample volume used. We do not know how many end users are using the 50 mL cup for mercury digestions by 245.1.

Is there a reason why the other color cap is linerless compare to green cap?

The green cap is the cap that has traditionally been included with this product. We purchase it separately from another manufacturer. The other color caps are new additions to our offerings and are molded by us in house from the same resin as used in the cups.

What is the maximum operating temperature for this product?

Polypropylene has a maximum operating temperature of 130°C.

What is the difference between the UCC000-50 and the UC-475?

The Ultimate Clean Cup (UCC000-50) is an Ultimate Cup (UC475) that has been handled in a way to avoid common means of contamination and packaged to ensure that it arrives ready to use in any clean environment setting. On average, the Ultimate Clean Cup is 2-10 times lower in background metals contaminants than the Ultimate Cup.

What material is the green cap made of? I need this information for recycling purposes.

The cap is made of polypropylene with a polyethylene-faced liner.

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