Hi, please advise SC425 could with stand up samples heated until 120 deg. C.

These cups are polypropylene and can withstand temperature up to 130C.

Can you please send a sample certificate of analysis for these digestion vials? we are looking for a class A disposable digestion vial for a CPR ModBlock.

We do not have a certificate of analysis for this product. We do not mold it ourselves and are not able to certify it to any specific levels.

Hello. What is maximum temperature for use?

PFA has a maximum operating temperature of 260°C.

What is the part number for the PTFE holder for digital thermometer SC984?

SC985B is the item you need.

What temperature is considered high temperature

Our regular digestion vessels are molded from polypropylene, which has a melting point of 130­°C. Any application requiring temperatures in excess of that level will need digestion vessels capable of withstanding the desired temperature.

What digestion block do these cups fit? Do you sell snap cap digestion vessels that will fit the Environmental Express blocks?

These cups do not fit in Environmental Express HotBlocks. They are compatible with CPI digestion blocks. We do not have any plastic cups with snap caps to fit our blocks. We do have a disposable glass vessel with a snap cap. See part number SC432.

Will it stand up to 140 degrees

This product is manufactured from borosilicate glass. It is capable of withstanding 140°C.

H x DIAMETER dimensions please

The cups are 1.81\" in diameter and 3.55\" tall.

what is the spec sheet for this stuff

This item does not have a spec sheet. The dimensions are 30 mm diameter and 113.3 mm tall. It holds approximately 55 mL. It is made of borosilicate glass.

Buenos dias, cuales son las especificaciones tecnicas, tamaños presion y temperatura que soportan?

Esta copa se moldea de perfluoroalcoxi alcano (PFA). Tiene una temperatura máxima de funcionamiento de 260 ° C. Debido a que nuestros vasos no están destinados a ser utilizados en digestiones de vasos cerrados, no hemos evaluado la presión máxima de operación del recipiente.

Do you have 70mL digestion vessels with screw caps

No, we do not have 70 mL vessels with screw caps.

Are these certified for volume and metals-Free?

They are certified for metals content but are not volume certified.

does SC440 cup fit the SC151 hotblock, also same question for SC643, I assume they don\'t

The SC151 HotBlock is a 35-well, 100mL unit. The SC440 has a diameter similar to our 50mL vessels, even though it has a volume of 98 mL (it’s just a taller vessel). Therefore, it will not fit in the SC151. The SC643 is approximately the same size as our 100mL vessels and should fit in the SC151.

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