Can you please send a sample certificate of analysis for these digestion vials? we are looking for a class A disposable digestion vial for a CPR ModBlock.

We do not have a certificate of analysis for this product. We do not mold it ourselves and are not able to certify it to any specific levels.

What digestion block do these cups fit? Do you sell snap cap digestion vessels that will fit the Environmental Express blocks?

These cups do not fit in Environmental Express HotBlocks. They are compatible with CPI digestion blocks. We do not have any plastic cups with snap caps to fit our blocks. We do have a disposable glass vessel with a snap cap. See part number SC432.

Do you have 70mL digestion vessels with screw caps

No, we do not have 70 mL vessels with screw caps.

Are these certified for volume and metals-Free?

They are certified for metals content but are not volume certified.

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