I am looking for the filter part of the Flipmate filtering system. What is item #SC0301?

We don’t sell a 0.45 um PES filter in that diameter. That filter diameter is made especially for the FlipMate. If you are looking for other 0.45 um PES filters, we do have them in other diameters.

For SC0301 are both the filter and containers PES or if not what is the container material? Thanks

The FlipMate filter housing and sample/digestion cups are made from polypropylene. The frit is polyethylene. The filter is the only thing that is polyethersulfone (PES).

Do you have a disposable filtration apparatus where at the end I can retieve the 25mm filter easily without breaking it appart?

We have disposable filter funnels that contain 25mm filters which you can retrieve. The closest one to the PES material is F1525VCASE which contains a 0.45um PVDF filter. You can also purchase the unassembled disposable filter funnels (F1500 or F1500C) and the filter of your choice separately and assemble them yourself.

I was wondering if you could just buy the white lids/caps for the sample cups?

Yes, the lid for the 100 mL cap is item SC492-C. It comes in a pack of 225.

Have the filters been analyzed for metal content? Would they be clean enough to filter samples for dissolved mercury analysis (low level)?

These have not been analyzed for metals content. Item SC0308 does come with a certificate of analysis. It, however does not include low level mercury as an analyte.

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