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Can you order the Flipmate vacuum hose separately?

The tubing that we include with the manifold is item C6145. It comes as a 25 ft length.

do the filters have to be rinsed prior to use in metals analysis, or are they ready to go? thanks

This particular filter is not rinsed as part of the manufacturing process. We do have a glass fiber FlipMate that is made from the same acid washed filter paper that is used in the TCLP filter. These are SC0304 and SC0306 for a 0.7 and >10 micron filter assembly only or SC0304C and SC0306C for the 0.7 and >10 micron complete system.

What does PES stand for on the flip mate? Do you have a glass 0.45um filter in this?

PES stands for polyethersulfone. For the flipmate we only have the 0.45 micron filter in PES. The glass fiber only comes in 1.5 micron.

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