Do you sell the FilterMate SC0401 filters with out the plunger? I have alot of plungers but no filters. If so, please send Item#.

We do not sell any of our FilterMate products without the plungers.

Will you please send me a certificate of analysis for these filters?

Item SC0401 is not a certified product. The only certified FilterMate are items SC0408 and SC0409.

How resistant to acid are your 50 ml filtermates?

The FilterMate is molded from the same polypropylene as our digestion vessels. At the acid concentrations normally used in metals digestion methods they have excellent resistance with mild discoloration expected over prolonged exposure.

I\'m Using SC 0408 Filter Mate. Would I need to rinse the plungers before use or are they ready to use out of the package?

They are ready to use right out of the box.

Could you provide a certificate of analysis for item number SC0401 FilterMate, PTFE?

This item is not certified and does not come with a COA. The only certified FilterMate we offer is SC0408.

Do you make a tool to remove the filter afterwards? We want to use the FilterMate to clean hair samples, with several solutions and remove the filter each time. The 15mL plunger does not lock on.

We do not have such a tool. The filter in this product is not designed to be removed after use.

what size porosity are these filters or do they come in different porosity. do you carry filters for BOD seed filtration large enough they wont filter out bacteria but will filter the solids

This filter is 5.0 micron. We offer this product in various pore sizes and filter material. Please see https://www.envexp.com/products/2-Metals/MDF-Metals_Digestion_Filtration/FM-FilterMate for all available products. Filtration is not the recommended method of separating the particulates out of a BOD seed suspension. The method says to allow the material to settle.

Do you have 1 um FilterMate

The closest we have is SC0404, which is a 0.7 micron glass fiber filter.

Can the filtermate be used for EPA 7199 Hexavalent Chromium?

The FilterMate product could be used in method 7199 under certain circumstances. The method asks for a 0.45 micron PTFE filter. We do not have a FilterMate that matches that description. These PTFE filters are 5 micron. Because SW-846 is a performance based method list you should be able to use a different filter material and demonstrate equivalent performance. SC0407 is a 0.45 micron PVDF filter that should give adequate performance.

Where can I find a coa for the filtermate?

This product is not certified and does not come with a COA. If you need a certified version of this product, purchase SC0408.

I usually digest soil for Total Heavy Metals analysis with acids, can I use this type of filter?

The filter inside is PTFE which is suitable for this digestion. Be aware that PTFE is hydrophobic and will slightly resist filtration of aqueous matrices. Low pH, such as that resulting from acid digestion will assist in overcoming this.

Where can I find the certificate of analysis for this filter?

This particular product does not have a certificate of analysis with it. If you need a certified filter please use product SC0408.

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