When placed onto a hot plate, what is the maximum temperature the 50mL digestion cup can handle without melting?

The digestion vessels are made of polypropylene, which has a melting point of 130°C. That is the maximum temperature for this product.

Are the plungers sold separately

This item does come with plungers. There is a separate part number for plungers only if you need them, SC0405.

Is this appropriate for use with groundwater samples? If not, is there a similar cup/filter combination that would be appropriate?

This filter can be used for groundwater samples. The important question is the analytes you are looking for and what method you need to follow. Important points to consider are the analytes of interest in your samples, the preservatives or other chemical process used prior to filtering, the purpose of the filtering, the need for access to the solid material filtered out of the sample, and if the entire aliquot of sample needs to be filtered or not

Our typical digestion is 55 ml. I\'d like to use the 68 ml digestion vessels with the Filtermate. Are they compatible?

Yes--the FilterMates are specifically designed for our SC475 digestion vessels. They will not work with any other type of vessel.

Does the Filtermate come with digestion vessels or are they sold seperately?

The digestion vessels are sold separately.

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