Do you have filters with this same pore size that are certified for Zn levels lower than 7.5 ug/L?

7.5 ug/L is the lowest that we can reliably certify. Most of the time it is lower than that number, but we have to consider the occasional outlier and the general rule of needing to be less than 1/2 the reporting limit.

do you have 2 um filters?

We do not. The closest we have is glass fiber at 1.5 um, but it is not available in the FilterMate product.

What is the pore size of the teflon fiber filters? Is it 2.0um?

This filter has a 6.0 micron pore size.

trying to find a certificate for item #SC0408, lot #90219755-9182-AG

Our certificates of analysis are located here - http://www.envexp.com/coa

Do filters contaminate for any metal or mineral analyses commonly run via ICP?

This item does come with a COA detailing background contaminant levels. You can find a copy recent lot numbers at http://www.envexp.com/coa. Select the links for FilterMates and then select SC0408.

What pore size is the filter

This filter has a 6.0 micron pore size.


This product has a porosity of 6 microns.

Hi, what is the pore size of item SC0408?

This product has a 6 µm certified PTFE filter.

What are the pressure specifications for this product (SC0408)?

The SC0480 will regularly operate at an average pressure of 15 psig in a matrix of DI water with 2% flour. Each lot is tested and must not exceed a maximum of 23 psig with this same matrix in order to be released. There is an initial moment of inertia that must be overcome when the filter mate first passes liquid, and this is usually where the highest pressure is realized. There is a vent line in the SC475 vessel located at the 10mL mark which also yields another pressure spike when the filter mate passes over this mark.

What is the pore size of the filters for Catalog#SC0408 ?

The filter has a porosity of 6 um.

do these come in a case?

This product is sold in packs of 100.

Do you test for Si when running the filter acid blank solutions? It is not listed with the other metals. Is Si or SiO2 used in any part of the filter?

We do not do any testing for Si when doing this product analysis. We do not use any materials that contain Si or SiO2 when manufacturing this product.

Are these filters 0.45 or 0.2?

These filters have a 5.0 micron porosity.

Do you sell trace metals grade filtermates for 15 mL tubes.

We do not have a trace metals FilterMate for the 15 mL tubes. We only have a 2 micron polyethylene filter for this product. Part number SC0421

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