Hello, I would like to know if TSB broth is compatible for use as an isolator, and how is it packaged? Can you send me the documentation for this product? Thank you, Mrs Gauquier Emilie

Tryptic soy broth is not a selective medium. It is a general purpose medium that will grow many varieties of microorganisms. This product is packaged in containers as seen in the image on the product page.

What is the shelf life of an opened bottle? What is the shelf life of un-opened bottles?

The shelf life of an unopened bottle is one year from the date of manufacture. The shelf life of an opened bottle is in accordance with your internal policies and procedures.

Using powdered TSB and water, how concentrated can you make a TSB solution before it becomes insoluble (g/L?) Can we go 10 X (300 g of TSB in 1L of water)?

Tryptic soy broth (TSB) is readily soluble in water. I did not find a solubility limit for TSB. You can make a 10x solution of TSB: \r\n\r\n300g TSB in 1 L of reagent water \r\n - While stirring, heat to dissolve.\r\n - Autoclave for 15 minutes.\r\n - Remove broth as soon as possible from the autoclave to prevent scorching.\r\n - Refrigerate until use.

what is the difference between a double strength and single strength broth medium

The concentration of the broth medium is double in the double strength broth medium

What would affect the pH during preparation and/or incubation to make it not within the correct range? Today my Dbl T. Soy was 7.0.

Was this value obtained from a batch that had previously given acceptable results or was this a new batch that was being tested? If it was previously good then either the broth got contaminated by something that has altered the pH or there was an error in obtaining the pH value. Check the broth for signs of growth and recalibrate the pH meter using fresh buffers to make sure you are reading the correct values. If it was a fresh batch double check the pH calibration with fresh buffers. If it is still out of range there may have been an error in the preparation of the broth. The most likely cause of a pH problem would be an error in the phosphate salt that is added. This salt is what provides the buffered value for the medium.

What is the difference between single and double strength broth? What is the advantage of double over single? Thanks.

The double strength contains twice the concentration of powdered ingredients as the single strength. This is of use depending on the amount of sample that is being added for testing. Use the single strength when the sample to broth ratio is 1:10. The double strength is used for increased amounts of sample up to 1:1.

At this concentration, can you expect to see a precipitate in the TSB?

As a general rule, there should never be any precipitate in broths and agars. This would indicate incomplete dissolution of the materials needed in the product. It could also cause problems in detecting appropriate growth in the medium.

is e coli palleted

The bacteria are contained in a small gel disc. To suspend the bacteria in solution the disc is dissolved in the buffered dilution water that is sent with the product.

what is the correct ph range for the double strength tryptic soy broth?

This broth should have a pH of 7.3 ± 0.2.

Which products replaced NSIQC7 and NSIQC8?

NSIQC7 is now either part # NSI90015 or NSI900120. NSIQC8 is now either part # NSI106625 or NSI1066220.

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