Autoclaves and Supplies

Autoclaves and Supplies

Variety of Autoclaves and Accessory Supplies

View our vast inventory to find the right autoclave and supplies for your lab or industrial setting. You can also give our technical support team a call at 800.343.5319 or email us at info@envexp.com for any questions you may have.

We carry:

  • Various sized Autoclaves from 8L to 80L
  • Autoclave bags
  • Closures clips
  • Labeling tape
  • Trays for sterilizers
  • Sterilization indicator 


Item No. Description
EE0650501 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 4 x 6, CS/100.
EE0650503 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 4 x 10, CS/100.
EE0650505 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 6 x 10, CS/100.
EE0650507 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 6 x 12, CS/100.
EE0650509 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 10 x 16, CS/100.
EE0650511 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 12 x 18, CS/100.
EE0650513 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 12 x 24, CS/100.
EE0650515 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 16 x 18, CS/100.
EE0650517 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 18 x 23, CS/100.
EE0650519 Autoclavable Bag, PP, 1.5mil, 22 x 30, CS/100.
EE0827762 Autoclave Tape with Indicating Label; 1W; 500 in/RL
EE1077302 Yamato Vertical-Loading 32L Autoclave; 120V
EE1077303 Yamato Vertical-Loading 32L Autoclave; 240V
EE1077304 Yamato Vertical-Loading 47L Autoclave; 120V
EE1077305 Yamato Vertical-Loading 47L Autoclave; 240V
EE1077306 Yamato Vertical-Loading 50L Autoclave; 120V
EE1077307 Yamato Vertical-Loading 50L Autoclave; 240V
EE1077340 Yamato Vertical-Loading 80L Autoclave; 240V
EE1077500 Sterilmatic Benchtop Sterilizer 16 Stand; 208/240V
EE1077505 Sterilmatic Benchtop Sterilizer 16 Stand; 220/380V


Do you have these ProSpore Ampoules in stock?

We do not have this item in our warehouse. We dropship it directly from the manufacturer.

What are the inside dimensions

The product specs are listed below\r\n\r\nModel: BioClave 16\r\nChamber Vol.: 16L\r\nMax. Pressure: 29 PSI / 2 Bar\r\nChamber Dimensions: 9 x 13.75 in. 23 x 35 cm\r\nTray Dimensions: 6.5 x 10.75 in 16.5 x 27 cm\r\nDimensions: (w x d x h) 22 x 17.5 x 15.7 in. 56 44.5 x 40 cm\r\nWeight: 89 lbs (40kg)\r\nElectrical: 120 or 230V, 50-60Hz 1600W\r\n

What voltage are the BioClave Autoclaves?

This product has a voltage of 120V.

Can I use it for liquids and medias?

Yes - this autoclave is ideal for sterilizing both medias and liquids.

Can I use Bioclave for biohazard waste?

This is a standard autoclave. Depending on sterilization conditions needed it should be able to be used to sterilize biohazard waste.

Is the GLB4000-16 - BioClave 16TM AutoClave-16 L Chambers, Digital Control designed to meet PSI and temps at elevation (5280\')?

Generally, at 5500 feet above sea level, you should not experience any issues with the BioClave at its factory pre-sets. However, if you find that the pressure or temperature is not to spec, we do have an elevation adjustment function on the BioClaves, the instructions for which are available, should they become necessary.

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