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Environmental Express continues to grow our Organic Chemistry line, offering items for the Volatile Organic Chemistry (VOC) and Semi-Volatile Organic Chemistry (SVOC) laboratories. 

Standards, including our custom mix standard solutions and method-based standard solutions, continue to be our specialty.  Environmental Express also offers Color-Coded Surrogates for semi-volatile extractions that can save costly mistakes in the laboratory.  Standards and Surrogates can be provided in any sized volume to meet your laboratory needs.  Call or e-mail our Sales or Customer Service departments with your needs and let us provide a quote to you.

Method 5035 Field Sampling Kits are available in a variety of options for all field sampling needs.  Have a site or sampling protocol that doesn't exactly fit into the mold of EPA Methods 5035 or 5035A?  Call us with your specifications and custom kits can be tailored to your needs.

Environmental Express offers a variety of products for your organics extraction needs. This includes thimbles for Soxhlet extractions and Emporeā„¢ Disks for solid phase extractions (SPE). The Environmental Express Soil-Cell is also available for solvent extraction of SVOCs in soil. The Soil-Cell was designed to provide an alternative to Microwave Extraction with a more cost-effective way to perform extractions.

Products for your analytical instrumentation in the organics laboratory are also available from Environmental Express.  We offer products from Phenomenex, SGE, Adaptas, ETP, and MicroLiter for all of your analytical needs.  Our product line includes syringes, GC columns, inlet liners, electron multipliers, and autosampler vials to name a few.

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