Radiochemistry Testing

Radiochemistry Testing

Radiochemistry Testing Product Lines:

Environmental Express provides specific products for radioactive isotope separations, actinide precipitations and sample preparation for alpha particle analysis.

Ion Exchange Columns are an excellent choice for performing many types of resin separations.

Clarified polypropylene columns are available with or without a frit. The standard frit is polyethylene and has a nominal particle retention of 30µm. With our unique design, the frit is elevated just off the bottom surface of the column by a shoulder that is molded into the column. This gives much greater surface area than standard column designs. Columns fit snugly with our low-cost, disposable funnels.

Columns are available in three sizes and come complete with a top cap and a vinyl cap that seals the exit port.

Columns are also available without the top cap. Frits may be purchased separately. 

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