Would it be possible to get a few samples of this item Item No.: F1525P - Filter Funnel, Assembled w/ 0.1µm PP Filter?

Yes, this item is available in a sample pack. Use item number F1525PS.

Can I get a sample of this filter and funnel assembly?

We do not currently offer samples of this item. We can offer a similar sample pack, F1525GS. The funnel is the same, just with a glass fiber filter in it instead of PVDF.

The frit inside this funel (F1500 - Disposable Filter Funnels, Unassembled, 50pk) have a flat surface in one side and a coarse side on the other which side goes up or down to the end tip of the funnel

The flat side should go down.

Need physical dimensions of this unit

This pump measures approximately 13\" x 13\" x 10.5\"

Do these need to be washed and dried before use?

If using these filters for solids analysis (i.e. TSS or TDS) they must be prepared according to the appropriate method prior to use. If you want filters that have been washed and dried already search for our products starting with F92. If you want filters that have also been weighed search for item numbers starting with F93.

What is the pore size for these filters FG85047MM?

These are 1.5 um borosilicate glass fiber filters.

Is there a part number to just order the supports that fit this funnel?

We only sell these as a kit. The top and bottom are not available separately.

What is the nominal thickness of these planchettes?

They are 0.036\" (0.91 mm) thick.

Is there any difference between your item # F250100PP and Eichroms Resolve filter RF-100-25PP01

Our cat# F250100PP meet the same specifications as the Eichrom Resolve filter, both 25mm, 0.1um polypropylene.

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