What is the porosity of the frit?

The porosity of the frit is 45-90 microns.

Do you have columns without frits? Are these frits removable, or glued to the bottom?

The frits are press fit into the bottom of the column, no adhesive is used. We do not offer columns without the frits in them.

What is the difference between R1020T and R1020? What is Large Column - what is the capacity (in mL)? How thick is the frit?

The item has a column graduated to 10 cm with a capacity of 18.5 mL. The flared section at the top adds an additional capacity of 15 mL for a total capacity of 33.5 mL. The normal frit is 1.6 mm thick, the thick frit measures 3.0 mm.

will the 250 ml funnel fit the R1040 column?

Yes, the 250 mL funnel (R1030-250) does fit the R1040 column.

Hi. What is the diameter of the bottom of the R1050 funnel? Is it 5/8

The diameter of the bottom of the funnel is approximately 5/8”. These are made of polypropylene. They are not clean/sterile.

What is the composition of the frit in the R1010? Glass? Plastic?

The frit is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.

Item No.: R1020 - Column w/ Frit, 18.5mL Bed Area Capacity. What is the pore size of the frit in this column? Thank you in advance.

The porosity for this frit is 45-90 microns. We sell extra frits (R1022) for these columns.

what is the catalog number of the \" low cost disposable funnel\"?

We have two lost cost disposable funnels that will fit the R1020. We have the 145mL Funnel for use w/ all Rad Columns (R1030-145) and the 250mL Funnel for use w/ all Rad Columns (R1030-250).

Can you supply a larger (25 mL) version of this item?

have three different size funnels for these columns. R1050 has an approximate volume of 15 mL. R1030-145 has an approximate volume of 145 mL. R1030-250 has an approximate volume of 250 mL.

What is it made of?

These columns are molded from polypropylene.

Is this a 7cm column?

R1040 has a column length of 7 cm.

Do you sell column stands for these columns? (R1020)

We do not have individual stands for the columns, but we do carry a rack to hold several at once. RR1002 is designed to hold 12 columns and has various configurations to allow for the collection of material draining from the columns.

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