Does this device work well with leaching metals? I am interested in performing TCLP on slag.

This is purely a filtration unit. Typically leaching is done in large bottles (http://www.envexp.com/component/envexp/6-TCLP/TCLP-TCLP_Supplies/BOT-Extraction_Bottles_and_Pads) in a rotator (http://www.envexp.com/component/envexp/6-TCLP/TCLP-TCLP_Supplies/ROT-Rotators). It is designed to filter the leachate after tumbling.

Is this system a positive pressure unit? In other words, does this work for samples that are 100% solid?

Yes, this is a pressure filtration unit. Sample is added to the barrel and sealed tight. Pressure is added to the top and any filtrate that can be recovered is forced out the bottom.

Does this have some manual? Also the barb fitting at the bottom, how can it build pressure?

The unit is not intended to build up and hold pressure. The design is to allow the user to apply pressure on top of the sample and collect the filtrate underneath. There is no manual for this product.

Do you have this product made of stainless steel?

This product is made of stainless steel and coated with PTFE.

What is the minimum and maximum pressure of maxfil fitration unit

The minimum pressure of the Maxfil is 0 psi. The Maxfil is rated to meet the pressure requirements of the TCLP method.

what is the maximum viscosity, maximum temperature and maximum pressure that the MaxFil can handle. Question from a Dutch lab. Thank you.

The Maxfil meets the TCLP requirements of SW-846 Method 1311. Maximum pressure and viscosity depend on what type of filter you are using. The maximum temperature for the Maxfil is about 300 C.

Hi, We have a couple of the older version of the Maxfil that need the green teflon replaced. Do you offer that service?

We do not offer any recoating services for our products. If you need a quote on a new item please contact your sales representative. They will be happy to discuss some options with you.

On the PF000-2 Filtration System what size screen and filters are used?

screen is 142 mm in diameter and is approximately 20 mesh. The filter is also 142 mm in diameter and is glass fiber with 0.7 micron porosity.

Can your ZHE1000 be used to do the initial filtering of samples proir to the ZHE leachate or do | have to have the seperate PF000-2 filtration system as well?

The ZHE+ is designed to perform all the steps prior to tumbling necessary for volatile analysis according to method 1311 for TCLP. The initial removal of liquid must be done in the ZHE device. Similarly, the Maxfil is designed to perform all steps necessary prior to tumbling for the analysis of non-volatile components for TCLP. It has different specifications from the ZHE and therefore should not be utilized for samples for volatile analysis.

What is the weight of this unit?

The shipping weight is 13.5 lbs.

Regarding the maxifil: what is the type of fitting for the pressure? How is the bottom: is there a simple hose beneath, under which one leaves an open bottle to collect the filtered solution? Thanks

The pressurization port has a 1/4 inch (0.635 cm) quick connect fitting. The female end is attached to the unit and the male end can be connected to your pressure source. The bottom of the unit has an exhaust port with a standard hose barb fitting. One can leave a container directly underneath to collect the filtered solution or attach a hose to direct the solution to a more convenient location.

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