Fluid Metering Pumps

Fluid Metering Pumps

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Metering Pumps

Metering pumps provide the easiest and most accurate method of transferring exact amounts of liquids into a zero head space extractor. Environmental Express offers a variety of pumps and appropriate PTFE fittings suitable for numerous applications. 
Fittings for individual needs are readily available on a special order basis. All pumps listed use 115VAC.

Adaptor Kits for Pumps
These preassembled adaptor kits provide the correct tubing and fittings to connect the above metering pumps to a zero head space extractor and an extraction fluid reservoir. The kit consists of two 24" sections of PTFE tubing and fittings manufactured from PTFE and/or 316 stainless steel.

Item No. Description
EE0641731 Microbore PTFE Tubing, 0.032"ID x 0.056"OD,100 ft/roll

TCLP Fluid Pumps

Item No. Description
EE7401352 Masterflex Gear Pump, Analog Drive, 0.261 mL/rev, 115V
EE7401357 Masterflex Gear Pump, Analog Drive, 0.261 mL/rev, 230V
TP1100 TCLP Products - FT Variable Speed Metering Pump (Elect

TCLP Pump Adapter Kits and Accessories

Item No. Description
TP1118M TCLP Products - PTFE Adapting Kit for EE ZHE
TP1218M TCLP Products - TCLP Adapting Kit for ZHE and TP1200


what is the hose called on top of pump

The tubing and fittings that are visible in the picture online are not included, but are available as part TP1118M. The tubing is 1/8\" PTFE tubing.

At what pressure is the fluid pushed into the ZHE?

There is no specific pressure mentioned in the method for the addition of the extraction fluid to the vessel. The pressure valve to the piston should be open to allow atmospheric pressure on the top of piston at the time of the extraction fluid addition.

How is the volume of dispense determined? What is adjusted?

There is a controller that is not shown in the picture. It allows you to adjust the rate of pumping on the unit. You can either pump out of a graduated container to visually observe when the required amount has been dispensed or premeasure the amount needed to pump and dispense the full volume.

Could you please send info on the FT Variable Speed Metering Pump and all items needed to put that in service.

This is a very simple fluid pump. It operates off 115 V AC and has an attached speed control. The tubing and fittings that are visible in the picture online are not included, but are available as part TP1118M. There isn’t anything else that is required to operate the pump.

Hello, is this pump capable of delivering air into the system to bring the preasure upto 350 kPa / 50PSI?

This pump is designed to add extraction fluid to the ZHE device. It is a liquid pump and not suitable for pressurizing a vessel.

Do you have the option of 220V 50/60Hz for this metering pump?

This pump is offered in a 220V option. Please contact sales@envexp.com for current pricing.

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