ZHE+ Parts and Accessories

ZHE+ Parts and Accessories
We offer a wide range of parts for your ZHE. Not only do we offer parts for the Environmental Express ZHE but also, Millipore, Gelman and Associated Design. Always in stock and always competitively priced. O-ring sets, 316SS photoetched screens and quality replacement parts guaranteed to fit your zero headspace extractor. All parts made of approved materials.

Item No. Description
FZ090MM ZHE Products - 90mm Disposable PES ZHE Screen, 100pk
ZCDEL25-1 ZHE Products - 1/4" Elbow Connection for ZHE+
ZCDFD25-1 ZHE Products - 1/4" Female Disconnect
ZCDMD25-1 ZHE Products - 1/4" Male Disconnect
ZCDRV12-1 ZHE Products - 1/8" Toggle Valve for ZHE+
ZCDT012-1 ZHE Products - 1/8" Stainless Female Fitting for ZHE+
ZOSLG25-1 ZHE Products - Support Legs for ZHE+
ZOSTR25-1 ZHE Products - Connecting Rod for ZHE+
ZPLNA00-3 ZHE Products - ThermoPlastic Locking Handles, 3pk
ZPYPG00-1 ZHE Products - Polyethylene Knockout Plug for ZHE+
ZRUFT25-3 ZHE Products - Rubber Feet for ZHE+ , 3pk
ZSPPG12-1 ZHE Products - Pressure Gauge for ZHE+, 0-60 psi
ZSS5600-1 ZHE Products - Stainless Cylinder for ZHE+
ZSS9000-1 ZHE Products - 90mm Photoetched Steel Screen for ZHE
ZSSBP00-1 ZHE Products - 316 Stainless Bottom Plate for ZHE+
ZSSBU12-1 ZHE Products - 1/8" Stainless Bushing for ZHE+
ZSSFL12-1 ZHE Products - 1/8" Stainless Steel Luer for ZHE+
ZSSP000-1 ZHE Products - 316 Stainless Piston for ZHE+
ZSSPV00-1 ZHE Products - 1/4" Stainless Plug Valve for ZHE+
ZSSTP00-1 ZHE Products - 316 Stainless Top Plate for ZHE+


what are the dimensions of these? We have two sizes of ZHE containers. Do these only come in one size?

We only have one size of these connecting rods to fit our ZHE. It is 8 1/16\" long and 1/2\" diameter.

Is there a variation of this Steel Leur with a threaded top so that a syringe can screw onto it for a tight seal?

We do not have that style piece available.

What are the diameters of the Z2009 and Z2012 o-rings?

Z2009 - 8.6 mm (0.34\")OD\r\nZ2012 - 12.7 mm (0.5\")OD

I need only ZVRC000-1(4 Pack) cointaing 3 piston rings in above picture

Item ZVRC000-1 is available to order as a stand-alone item. It comes as one each.

Looking for six Luer Valves and complete o-ring set for Millipore Zero Headspace Extractors. Are they all standard size? Do you stock these parts?

We have the o-rings for the Millipore ZHE. They are part number ZVRP000-3M. We have luer valves, but they are for the Environmental Express ZHE and we can’t be sure that they will fit correctly on the Millipore unit.

What is the hole size/pattern of this screen?

The holes have a diameter of 0.020 inches. They have a pitch (center of one hole to center of adjacent hole) of 0.035 inches.

Do you sell the ZTRP000-1 o-rings separately or only with the entire ADM o-ring set?

We do sell the o-rings separately.

Is this gauge glycerin filled?

This gauge is not glycerin filled. It is a dry gauge and is not filled.

Are the ZVR9903 o-rings the correct replacements for the valve that the tetlar bag attaches too?

This part number is for a set of three o-rings that go to the plug valve on the top of the ZHE+.

this product shows the piston o-ring and wiper seal as well as the top and bottom plate o-rings and cylinder o-ring but the description says pack of three. Is that a pack of three sets?

This is an o-ring set that includes 1 x Cylinder o-ring, 2 x Plate o-rings, 1 x Wiper Seal u-cup o-ring, and 2 x piston o-ring.

How do I bring up the diagram of the ZHE extractor with parts listed?

The product page for the ZHE has a link to a printable pdf that has exploded pictures with parts listed.

Can I just purchase the piston o-rings ZTRP000-1?

Yes, part # ZTRP000-1 can be purchased alone. Current pricing is $17 for each o-ring.

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