Industrial Bench Scale Balances

Industrial Bench Scale Balances

Bench scales have a higher weighing capacity than toploader balances. While most scales are designed as complete units, bench scales are sold as systems and feature a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator via a cord which measures at least five feet. Bench scales are designed for medium- to heavy-capacity industrial weighing. They are available with a variety of platform sizes and capacities. When buying bench scales it's good to check that they are approved by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) which is overseen by a national association and trade group. Other tools include the portion control scales which efficiently weigh food items making it easy to control portions. They're made of stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and a smooth, sanitary surface for easy overall cleaning. Another type is the counting weighing machine which is an essential tool for counting high volumes of identical parts. Bench scales are a viable option for your application needs.

Symmetry IPS Portable Bench Scales

Item No. Description
EE1100029 Bench Scale,30lb/15kgx0.001lb/0.0005kg,115V
EE1100031 Bench Scale,100lb/50kgx0.005lb/0.002kg,115V
EE1100032 Bench Scale,150lb/75kgx0.01lb/0.005kg,115V
EE1100033 Bench Scale,300lb/150kgx0.02lb/0.01kg,115V
EE1100129 Bench Scale,30lb/15kgx0.001lb/0.0005kg,220V
EE1100131 Bench Scale,100lb/50kgx0.005lb/0.002kg,220V
EE1100132 Bench Scale,150lb/75kgx0.01lb/0.005kg,220V
EE1100133 Bench Scale,300lb/150kgx0.02lb/0.01kg,220V
EE1100230 Bench Scale,50lb/25kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,115V
EE1100330 Bench Scale,50lb/25kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,220V

Symmetry IPSW Washdown Bench Scale

Item No. Description
EE1100034 WD Bench Scale,30lb/15kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,115V
EE1100036 WD Bench Scale,100lb/50kgx0.001lb/0.005kg,115V
EE1100037 WD Bench Scale,150lb/75kgx0.01lb/0.005kg,115V
EE1100038 WD Bench Scale,300lb/150kgx0.02lb/0.01kg,115V
EE1100134 WD Bench Scale,30lb/15kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,220V
EE1100136 WD Bench Scale,100lb/50kgx0.001lb/0.005kg,220V
EE1100137 WD Bench Scale,150lb/75kgx0.01lb/0.005kg,220V
EE1100138 WD Bench Scale,300lb/150kgx0.02lb/0.01kg,220V
EE1100235 WD Bench Scale,50lb/25kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,115V
EE1100335 WD Bench Scale,50lb/25kgx0.002lb/0.001kg,220V