Do your SC475 50 mL flat bottom tubes fit inside any of the centrifuges you sell?

The tubes have an outer diameter of 30.3 mm. They fit in most centrifuge holders. Be aware that flat bottom tubes usually do not perform well in a centrifuge and are liable to break the bottom while spinning. Some centrifuges have a special holder designed with a flat bottom tube in mind.

Does this centrifuge fit the SC0162 tubes and the Hach Test n Tubes? Also, since this holds six tubes, will three tubes balance? If a product brochure available?

This centrifuge holds tubes that are about 18-19 mm in diameter and about 120 mm in length. The SC0162 tubes are about 17 mm in diameter around the 14 mL mark and 22 mm in diameter with the cap. They have a length of about 120 mm. These should fit this centrifuge. I’m not sure about the dimensions of the Hach tubes. You should be able to balance the centrifuge with 3 tubes as long as they are spaced equally around the centrifuge.


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Are the 6 tubes suppose to be capped when in operation? The 6 tubes that came with the product didn\'t have no caps?

Your application will determine whether or not your tubes should be capped. Follow your SOPs and internal processes regarding this. The tubes are 19 mm polycarbonate conical bottom tubes if you need to source a tube with a cap.

What happen to tubes get loose? How do you clean the inner housing when tubes come out of copper union? Are tubes suppose to be presses in? Are all 6 tubes suppose to be filled or just one?

The tubes should not get loose if they are inserted in the rotor properly. If they do come loose, then it can stop the machine or even break it. You should not have to force them down into the holes. To clean the inner housing, wipe them down with appropriate solvent to clean up what you have been spinning (i.e. if it’s bacteria, you should use an alcohol of some sort). Do not saturate the machine with liquid/solvent. The machine should be properly balanced when spinning tubes. You do not need to fill all 6 spots as long as you balance out the weight.

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