Are all your centrifuge caps lined?

The caps for these tubes are not lined.

what are the dimensions of the item

I do not have exact measurements as this item dropships from the manufacturer. It is a standard 50 mL centrifuge tube.

are these sterile or non sterile, bagged or racked?

This product is not sterilized and is packaged bulk in a bag.

is sc465 sterilized ? do you offer in a 15ml in skirted as well ?

This product is not sterile. We do not currently offer a 15 mL skirted tube.

trying to find a certificate for item #SC0162 lot #288822 & 287538

This item does not come with any certification.

Do you have any skirted 50mL test tubes without caps?

We do not sell skirted 50 mL test tubes without caps. We only sell them with caps.

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