Environmental Express carries a large assortment of the Kimberly-Clark and Ansell safety gloves that your lab uses every day.  You can choose from a variety of materials, lengths, thicknesses and styles depending on the performance you require.  Call a customer service representative if you don't see your exact model listed here.

Heat Insulated/Resistant Safety Gloves

Item No. Description
EE4021130 Heat Insulated Gloves, Size Medium
EE4021131 Heat Insulated Gloves, Size Large
EE4021132 Heat Insulated Gloves, Size Extra-Large
SY765-M Heat Resistant Terrycloth Glove, Medium, 12/pk
SY766-L Heat Resistant Terrycloth Glove, Large, 12/pk

Low Level Metals Reagents & Supplies

Item No. Description
EE8658020 Safety Gloves:  Vinyl Cleanroom Gloves, Small, 100/bag
EE8658021 Safety Gloves:  Vinyl Cleanroom Gloves, Medium, 100/ba
EE8658022 Safety Gloves:  Vinyl Cleanroom Gloves, Large, 100/bag
EE8658023 Safety Gloves:  Vinyl Cleanroom Gloves, XL, 100/bag

Safety Glove Accessories

Item No. Description
EE6353513 Modular laboratory organizer, glove box dispenser


how many gloves are in a pack?

These are sold as a pair of gloves per pack.

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