Lab Coats

Lab Coats
Protect your laboratory employees from dangerous splashes and spills with lab coats and jackets from Kimberly-Clark and Rawhyde Frontier.  These coats and jackets are cut for comfort and range of motion plus have pockets for convenience.

Item No. Description
EE8635100 Cuffed Unisex Lab Coat, White, Small
EE8635102 Cuffed Unisex Lab Coat, medium, (38.5-42)
EE8635104 Cuffed Unisex Lab Coat, large, (42.5-46)
EE8635106 Cuffed Unisex Lab Coat, X-large, (46.5-50)
EE8635110 Cuffed Unisex Embroidered Lab Coat, small, (36-38)
EE8635112 Cuffed Unisex Embroidered Lab Coat, medium
EE8635114 Cuffed Unisex Embroidered Lab Coat, large


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is it radiation proof

This lab coat does not offer any sort of radiation protection.

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