The Traceable® brand is synonymous with reliability and accuracy in measuring, monitoring and recording. These efficient, affordable instruments use current technology to simplify attaining the results you need to manage your critical process. Each Traceable product goes through an intense vetting process and comes with NIST-traceable certification. This means our accredited calibration testing lab has confirmed the product meets or exceeds all stated specifications. You can be certain the instrument provides accurate measurements right out of the box, saving both time and money by not having to calibrate separately. All NIST-traceable calibration certificates come from our ISO 17025 calibration laboratory with A2LA accreditation. This allows you to meet quality standards and regulatory compliance of ISO, FDA, cGMP, VFC, CAP, CLIA, as well as Joint Commission requirements. 

Stay connected to your critical environments - wherever you go with TraceableLive

  • Connect to your data via smartphone, tablet, or PC using TraceableLive wireless capability*
  • View current conditions anywhere-cloud-based interface sends email, text, and push notifications
  • No software required-web, Android™, Apple® iOS data visibility
  • Get accurate, reliable temperature measurements with multipoint calibration traceable to NIST

*Requires a TraceableLIVE subscription.

Remotely monitoring the temperature and humidity of laboratories, warehouses, and incubators has never been easier! Continuous data transmission using Wi-Fi provides a simple and reliable way to wirelessly monitor the environment.

Once setup is complete you can remotely set alarm parameters and generate real-time reports. Data loggers send alerts for temperature alarm, connectivity interruption, and low battery. A convenient built-in bench stand makes it easy to read the temperature and humidity measurements. Select from model with a dongle or model with external probe and cable.

Plus the NIST-traceable precalibration means you get reliable measurements right out of the box, saving you time and money!

Traceable® Thermometers

Item No. Description
TR6413 Traceable® Platinum Ultra-Accurate SS Digital Therm

TraceableLive® Thermometers

Item No. Description
EE1800027 TraceableLIVE® Ultra-Low Temp WiFi Therm. w/ 1 probe
EE1800028 TraceableLIVE® Ultra-Low Temp WiFi Therm. w/ 2 probes
EE1800029 TraceableLIVE® WiFi Hygrometer/Thermometer w/ 1 dongle
EE1800030 TraceableLIVE® WiFi Hygrometer/Thermometer w/ cable
EE1800031 TraceableLIVE® WiFi Datalogging CO2(ppm)\Temp\Humidity
EE1800032 TraceableLIVE® WiFi Datalogging CO2(%)\Temp\Humidity
EE1800033 TraceableLIVE®WiFi Datalogging Barometer\Temp\Humidity
EE1800108 TraceableLIVE® LN2 Monitoring Thermometer, 1 SS Probe
EE1800109 TraceableLIVE® LN2 Monitoring Thermometer, 2 SS probes
EE9946000 TraceableLive™ Refrig/Freezer Therm w/ 2 bottle probes
EE9946005 TraceableLive™Refrig/Freezer Therm w/1 bot & 1 blt prb
EE9946010 TraceableLive™ Refrig/Freezer Therm w/ 2 bullet probes
EE9946015 TraceableLive™ WiFi Refrig/Freezer Therm w/2 SS probes