Water Purification

Water Purification

Water Purification Product Lines:

These cartridge and filter systems offer solutions for single step and pretreatment purification at an exceptional value. The versatile configurations work for a wide array of applications including use with humidification/environmental chambers, autoclaves, water baths, CO2 incubators, stills, ultrapure water systems, eliminating corrosion and scaling when used with cooling loops, and rinsing glassware.

These modular systems can be customized to your specific needs. Over-purifying water can waste time and resources, not to mention the possibility of being detrimental to your application. Quick-release designs provide easy cartridge change-outs and simple maintenance, bypassing the costs of service calls.

Cartridge casings for the systems are made of robust polypropylene that lengthen system life and prevent impurities leaching into the purified water. High quality resins in the cartridges reliably remove targeted impurities. Cartridge joints and seams are ultrasonically welded to prevent contamination and allow for recycling. Purity (resistivity) meter options are available for quick-glance purity values and indication that cartridge replacement is needed.


what cost for homeuse watter purification systems (1 and 2 ) ???

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