Methamphetamine Testing

*Methamphetamine Testing

The GhostWipe for Methamphetamine sampling is a 15cm x 15cm wipe pre-wetted with reagent-grade Methanol, designed to be used right out of the package.  Constructed of the same wipe material as our GhostWipes for Lead and Beryllium sampling, these wipes are rugged to handle any surface sampling area.  Wipes are designed to meet the requirements of NIOSH method 9111

Purchase the wipes alone (catalog # SC5000) or as part of a kit (catalog # SC5001).  Kits include 500 wipes, 500 templates, and 500 cups for transport.

50 mL Ultimate Clean™ Cup

Item No. Description
UCC000-50 Ultimate Clean Cup - 50mL, 6 x 25pks

Methamphetamine Wipes

Item No. Description
SC5000 GhostWipes for Methamphetamine Testing, 100pk
SC5001 GhostWipes Kit for Methamphetamine Testing, 500pk

Sampling Supplies

Item No. Description
C1010 Dust Sampling Template, 10cm x 10cm, 250pk
C1012 Dust Sampling Template, 30cm x 30cm, 100pk
SC4280 Dry GhostWipes, 8"x10", 100pk

UltimateCup™ - 50mL Digestion Cups

Item No. Description
UC475-GN UltimateCup™ - 50mL, Green Cap, 500pk
UC475-NL UltimateCup™ - 50mL, Natural Linerless Cap, 500pk
UC475-WH UltimateCup™ - 50mL, White Cap, 500pk


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