Item No.: ABF5000 - AutoBlock Fill - AutoBlock Fill System

AutoBlock Fill - AutoBlock Fill System
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The NEW AutoBlock Fill! Increased Functionality. Economically Priced.

This latest generation of AutoBlocks gives you more for less.

The new AutoBlock Fill automates the most dangerous step of sample prep for metals digestion -- the addition of acids and reagents. AutoBlock Fill utilizes Masterflex® pumping technology to accurately dispense reagents adding guaranteed quality to the prep process.

AutoBlock Fill Features and Benefits:

  • Fits in a Fume Hood. The metals digestion procedure is an extremely corrosive process and the fume hood provides the safest and cleanest environment to handle acid fumes.
  • Advanced User-Friendly Software. AutoBlock Fill can be operated by a computer via USB cable or via the on-board touch screen.
  • Modular Construction. Easy to assemble, AutoBlock Fill can be operational in less than 1 hour. The modular design also makes it easy to replace semi-consumable parts.
  • Compact Footprint. The AutoBlock Fill is 31"W x 27"H x 22"D and fits in standard-sized fume hoods and our AutoBlock Fill AirLite™ Enclosure.
  • Increased Safety. Eliminate the most dangerous step in metals prep acid and reagent addition.
  • Durability. AutoBlock Fill is constructed of the same acid-resistant materials as the HotBlock.
  • Flexible Power Options. AutoBlock Fill is compatible with 120V and 240V power outlets. For 240V, you would specify which power cord is appropriate based on your country of origin.
  • Economical. AutoBlock Fill works with existing HotBlock equipment in your laboratory to provide automation at an affordable price.

Getting consistent results and freeing up analyst time has never been easier.

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