Item No.: C5200 - MicroBlock-V System w/10 sets Cyanide Glassware

MicroBlock-V System w/10 sets Cyanide Glassware
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MicroBlock- V with air/vacuum manifold system has an adjustable digital control with LCD display and timer and can perform up to 10 distillations simultaneously. Vacuum is used in cyanide distillations to pull gases generated from the boiling chamber into the receiving vessel. The vacuum system has ten brass needle valves to control bubble rate for each sample. The C5200 system comes complete with 10 sets of Cyanide/sulfide glassware and an 8 oz. jar of carbon boiling chips..

~MicroBlock glassware offers skirted reaction tubes to minimize heat loss and maintain more uniform distillation. In addition, tubes may be capped after distillation to prevent evaporation or contamination.

~ Reduced volume MicroBlock distillation systems comply with the following EPA methodologies:

Cyanide, EPA 335.4
Phenol, EPA 420.1
Ammonia, EPA 350.1

Block Specifications:

Construction - PTFE-coated aluminum block, powder-coated steel housing
Weight - 26 lbs.
Dimensions - 30"w x 13"d x 16"h
Electrical - 120 VAC, 15A

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 335.4ASTM D2036-09SM 4500-CN

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