Item No.: DF420721115 - 2.0 Auto-Desiccator Cabinet (120V)

2.0 Auto-Desiccator Cabinet (120V)
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SECADOR Electric 2.0 Auto-Desiccator Cabinet

Protecting valuable humidity sensitive items such as reagents or electronics is easy and totally automatic with Secador Auto-Desiccator cabinets. A patented electronic dehumidification system is designed to reduce the relative humidity inside the cabinet from 75 to 25% and circulate dry air automatically, freeing users from monitoring or changing chemical desiccant.

Features Include -

- Built-in Hygrometer in the door allows easy monitoring

- Electronic dehumidifying for safe storage of moisture-sensitive materials

- Includes silica pack that is re-charged with every dehumidifying cycle

- Brings RH down 75% to < 25% in about 8 hours

- Vertical models can be stacked two high

- Contents are easily visible through door

- Door seals with positive latches and can be securely closed with tamper evident seals or padlock

- Patented sealed construction provides airtight, dust and moisture- free storage

- Cabinets fabricated with co-polyester plastic resistant to chemicals, stains, and fine cracks

- 120V (also available in 240V)

Specifications Include:

- Internal Capacity, 1.17 cu. ft, includes two removable shelves

- Overall dimensions, 31.4h x 34.1w x 41.4d (cm) 12.4"h x 13.4"w x 16.3"d

- Shipping weight, 15.9 lbs. (7.2kg)

All SECADOR Desiccators are available from Environmental Express. Contact our customer service department if you don't see the product you need.

Product Improvement Notice

Secador® Desiccators Upgraded with Digital Hygrometers!

Bel-Art Products is pleased to announce that Secador® Desiccators* have been improved. The analog dial hygrometer has been replaced with a precision, digital hygrometer specially designed for Secador desiccators. Purchase Orders for Secador desiccators received on or after April 1, 2014 will feature this improvement. This product enhancement will not change current suggested list prices.

    Digital Hygrometer Specifications:
  • Displays a 2-digit number followed by %rH for relative humidity (rH) values between 10% and 80%rH (%rH values below 10% will show "<10%rH" and %rH values above 80% will show >80%rH)
  • Hygrometer display is refreshed every 10 seconds
  • For %rH values from 20 to 80% the Hygrometer accuracy is ±3%rH.
  • For %rH values from 10 to 20% the Hygrometer accuracy is ±7%rH.
  • Long term drift in the accuracy of the Hygrometer is 0.5%rH per year
  • Hygrometer is powered by a CR-2032 Battery, which provides approximately 1 year battery life (Low Battery symbol will appear in the display when the remaining battery is approximately 3 to 4 weeks)
  • CE approved


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