Item No.: E2002 - Fluid #2 for 2L Extraction (pH 2.88+/- 0.05), 24pk

Fluid #2 for 2L Extraction (pH 2.88+/- 0.05), 24pk
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Fluid #2 for two liter extraction, pH 2.88±0.05.

Glacial Acetic Acid per EPA Method 1311

Unit packaged TCLP extraction fluid concentrate delivers the exact amount of reagents and proper pH for a two-liter extraction. Concentrates are supplied in screw top Nalgene bottles that are added to the appropriate volume of laboratory water. Fluid concentrates are supplied with SDS and certificate of analysis.

Expiration Time: 2 years from production date

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 1311

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